What others have to say

If you want an excellent massage from a true professional, I highly recommend Druid Bodyworks. I feel Stephen is extremely sincere in his concern and effort for you to feel better. I was having shoulder pain/tightness for weeks and after a session with Stephen I felt 100% better. My range of motion increased substantially. I have had numerous massages and I would rank Stephen as one of the best.
Wendy M.
I have been going to Stephen for over 3 years now and I cannot image a life without his therapeutic massages. He is GIFTED and AMAZING! The BEST massage therapist/ healer that I have ever met. He really knows what he is doing and is passionate about helping people feel better. Each appoint is completely different because he tailors it to your specific needs. I feel wonderful every time I leave his office. I highly recommend Stephen to all! You will not be disappointed.
Kim H.
“I was once a licensed massage therapist with an emphasis on neuromuscular treatment. I am very picky with whom I allow to massage me or provide bodywork of any kind. Stephen not only met my requirements with his knowledge, he surpassed everything I expected. He is officially ‘my go to’ and the only therapist I would recommend for those of us who want real body work. Spa massage is not meant for the people with real pain :).”
Angela S.
I have found a person who can read your body with the best results ever! This is not an exaggeration. If you want results that is what you are going to get. I have been pain free for almost 2 years now. What ever pain you may have, you will be amazed that Stephen will find it and help you completely. My experience as been nothing but awesome.
Vanessa v.
I will never use anyone else for my massages! I always feel 100% when I leave. With fibromyalgia and lift weights the sports massage I get once a month helps. Thank you for being knowledgable in your field and using it to help other!
Brigitte t.
He is by far one of the most effective massage therapist I’ve ever met. His techniques are really innovative and the results last longer. You will leave feeling lighter on your feet.
Marcus s.
“Stephen is truly a gifted massage therapist. He is very professional and passionate about his work. I carry my stress in my shoulders and neck and he always gets me back to ‘normal’. I also run and lift weights so I am often sore from a workout when I go to see him. Stephen’s massages definitely aid in muscle recovery. I highly recommend him!”
Bryce E.

Day spa reviews about me.

I would like to commend Stephen for doing a great job. Typically I would get a female masseuse, however on the day we went all where booked. So glad they where. Stephen exhibited a professional demeanor, asking questions before my treatment , pin pointing certain areas that may need more attention then others, if I wanted the table heater on or off, and if the temperature in the room was comfortable. The massage was firm and he asked periodically if he needed to go softer or harder in touch. He valued my quite time and allowed me to relax without engaging in conversation during my massage , unlike some experiences I have encountered in the past at other places .
chris o.
I did a 90 min deep tissue with the scalp massage/aromatherapy yesterday. Stephen is a phenomenal massage therapist. He addressed my recurring headaches, TMJ, poor posturing, working on concrete floors all day etc. He is very experienced and has a professional manner… We discussed ways I can improve my flexibility and relaxation beyond my massage. His energy/aura is so relaxing, authentic, and calming… his passion for his art (massage therapy) and for being totally holistic (soul, body, mind) is real…. he truly practices what he discusses.
Margaret f.
Thank you Stephen for easing my pain and stress yesterday! My combo massage yesterday was exactly what I needed! Can’t wait for my next one! This Spa is clean and beautiful and Stephen had wonderful technique & bedside manner. I felt like jello after my massage and my comfort has continued into today.
alicia h.
Stephen was awesome! Got me out of there walking like a new person. So glad I found this place. He mixed in some stretching and pressure points which were ahhh-mazing.
katie m.
Stephen did a great job. Walking in, he looked at me and immediately noted my problem areas. He told me and I was surprised he could see them. He paid close attention to them and really worked those areas all the way through. I will definitely come back and see him.
John j.