Sports Massage

A sports massage is a form of massage therapy. It involves manipulation and stretching, focusing on muscles and connective tissues deep within the body. 

However, sports massage can be used pre-performance, post performance, during training or for rehabilitation. In all points these are just some of the benefits that sports massage service patients may receive from time to time:

Jax Florida Sports Massage
Getting a Sports Massage and it Feels Good!

Who is sports massage therapy good for?

  • Based on experience and observation, some outcomes of sports massage have been documented.
  • Some are good for the mind (psychological) and others for the body (physical).
  • Increased joint range of motion (ROM), increased flexibility, and reduced muscle tension are just a few of the reported benefits of sports massage.

Common Sports Massage Techniques

Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) therapy is a form of sports massage that uses techniques such as long, slow strokes and gentle pressure to help the client relax their muscles.

Thai massage is a popular type of sports massage which uses continuous back and forth strokes along the length of the body. It is often used to treat pain in various joints including neck, shoulder, arm and hand.

Swedish massage is another type of sports massage which uses long, slow strokes along the length and muscles to help release tension.

In my experience working in a professional capacity with various elite athletes has been an outstanding learning experience.

What is the goal for sports massage?

Sports massage is a pain reducing therapy. The goal of sports massage is to alleviate chronic pain and improve overall well-being by targeting specific areas such as the neck, shoulders, arms, legs or hands. 

Sports Massage also helps reduce stress which may lead to chronic pains due to muscle tension in our body because of fatigue from physical training or repetitive activities. It can be accomplished through different types of massages which are customized for many people according to their healing needs.

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