Best Massage Preparation Guide for 2020

I believe this massage preparation guide will be what you need to get started on your first massage.

Being organized and taking care of over your practical preparations is a simple but vital tool and giving a good massage treatment.

massage preparation

Imagine receiving a massage where the masseur’s phone keeps ringing or he runs out of oil halfway through or you get cold and she doesn’t have a blanket for or somebody walks in unannounced.

  • You get the picture right we all know that good preparation also enables you to relax into giving the treatment and play transform the quality of your touch
  • Your first task is to create a private space in which to give a massage

Or you could just do house calls which would skip all of this.

Well anyways let’s get back to the subject. 
Choose a quiet uncluttered room as far away from the household distractions as possible about it a bed is not suitable me too soft or too hard is usually a bad height for the giver’s back. This is difficult when you have to learn how to prepare a massage for the first time. 

Do You have the right table size?

A sturdy table that stands at about your hip height would need to be padded with a duvet or blankets alternatively the floor mattress or folded duvet covered with a large soft towel or sheet makes a comforting texture to lie on. 

Whichever option you use make sure that you can move easily all around the table or massage area with enough room for your legs and feet he will also need a chair for your friends close of course.

Once you have assembled the massage area, lie down on it yourself and check how comfortable it is.

If you are on the floor, this could give you a chance to deal with any dust balls or dust mites that might be lurking under the cupboards.

Room Ambiance

The next thing you would need to consider is the Ambiance of the room in which you are going to work. On a purely physical level, the room needs to be warm and relaxing.

It is that many people receiving Massage often cool down quickly and become chilly. A good thermometer control blow heater can be a great help in keeping the room at appropriate temperatures.

Music & Lighting

Lighting and music is crucial. Make sure no lights are shining in the massage clients eyes when they’re lying down.

One good thing to remember is that all phones are switched off or unplugged a sudden loud noise can be a considerable shock to a deeply relaxed person.

So what do I have to do next?

The next thing you should be thinking about are the things you would need as you work.

They include but are not limited to;

  • Two clean soft towels or sheets to cover your client
  • light blanket in case they feel cold.
  • A breast pillow would be helpful if they have larger bosoms.

You would also need a small cup, bowl, bottle, or jar of massage oil. A lot of clients like it warmed up so it’d be best to have a hot towel warmer handy.

But like I said before, if you’re going to do house calls, ask if you can use their microwave.

One thing that I didn’t mention is that it’s easy to lose track of time when you’re giving a massage. The first time that somebody comes to you for massage you will need to run through a list of contraindications with them.

It’s worth making your own list which can be a photocopy so that you can have notes on file for each person you massage. If you’re giving regular treatments after your first visit make a note of how it went and which oils you used.

Keep all of this information safe and secure to ensure confidentiality.

If there are others in the house who may walk into the room while you are working on the door giving the time you expect to finish.

Finally make sure that your nails are short and that you’re wearing suitable loose-fitting clothing. It’s imperative that you’re able to move around easily, and that you don’t get too hot. Scrub bottoms and a short sleeve top are ideal.

When it comes to managing towels

When you prepare for your massage you will need a large soft sheet or towel for your massage client to lie on.

The golden rule is: Only uncover the part of the body that you are about to massage. When you have finished massaging that area replace the towel or sheet before uncovering the next area.

When you massage the back you can either remove the towel or just pull the sheet down just below the waist.

To work on the legs, fold back enough of the relevant towel or sheet to uncover one leg; the same goes with the other leg and both arms as well.

When it comes to your partner turning over, if you were using a towel, tower complete body towel between you and your partner creating a screen to protect your privacy as they turn.

 You could also place your legs against one side of the sheet you can grab the middle of the sheet and inform it as a tepee over their body. When you do this, have the client flip towards you. It will make it almost impossible for the sheet to become loose and for the client to become exposed.

Now we know we don’t need all of that. Even though a body’s a body, some clients can be very uncomfortable with themselves and become even more stressed.

Massage Oils for your massage

When it comes to oils you need to think about it for a moment. Does it really matter what type of oil you use or if it’s not oil you can use lotion or cream?

How about some motor oil. Laugh out loud.

You can’t use motor oil that would be stupid.

But then again have you ever tried it…lol.

Okay let’s get back to massage oils and the benefit that it may give you

A ton of plant oils suitable for use in massage the oil cream or lotion to the body so that your hands can glide stroke or need without pulling the skin uncomfortably. Well of course you can do myofascial release which uses no lotion.

It’s very slow. We will talk about that stuff other time.

Final Thoughts

Whether you would like to give a massage as a beginner, or you just wanted to read this massage preparation guide in 2020, feel free to.  Call me at (904) 657-HEAL (4325) so we can discuss how we can help you. That’s if you decide to get a massage from me. I will take the time to give you a personalized massage you can be happy about.  I’m looking forward to working with you soon.