Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

You’re probably wondering, Who is this Guy?

You think that it is easy to get fit and trim right.

I was overweight, had scoliosis, pre-diabetic by age 16, and had very high anxiety and depression from childhood traumas.

We feel that we have to do things that make other pep[;e happy, but I am here to tell you the truth my friend
i I am here to help you. It is sad to see all of you suffering out there because you believe that there was a pill for your mood or attitude. I am here to tell you my friend. I am not happy with my situation/ i am happy right now. It is well with my sould that I have the god given right to give to be or to have the love that I truly desire in my llife . 
Stressful situations in my life growing up prompted my to because become the best version pf myself. It is okay where you are in your life right now> it is okay that you feel like yo are unhappy with the life sitautions that you feel that has been giving you heartache and fear. 

I am here to tell you my friend. You can do all anything you set your mind to.

I have found by accident, that if you apply pressure points to a certain body, that it could naturally heal itself.

About Stephen Ashley L.M.T.