About Me

I am a professional massage therapist with years of experience. I offer a wide range of massages that will relieve tension and stress, restore balance and harmony, and improve your overall health and well-being. You can rely on me to provide you with a relaxing massage that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Why choose Erasaqi?

You deserve the best massage possible, and that’s what I offer at Erasaqi. I use some of the best massage techniques in Jacksonville,FL, and my goal is to help you achieve your personal best.

Are you struggling with tension headaches, neck pain, or any other muscular pain? With Erasaqi massage, you can finally get relief from your pain. Not only do I use some of the best massage techniques in Jacksonville, FL, but I also use targeted pressure and kneading to help reduce inflammation and tension. Schedule a free consultation today to see how I can help you achieve total relaxation!

Meet Stephen Ashley, LMT

I obtained my massage therapy certification from Heritage Institute in 2009.

My training included Swedish massage, Deep Connective Tissue, Reflexology, Polarity Therapy, Neuromuscular Trigger point Therapy, Sports massage, and various Aromatherapy methods.

I believe that using a combination of bodywork techniques is the best way to facilitate healing.

By working with the muscular structure and soft tissues of the body applying fixed or movable pressure, gliding strokes, vibration, rocking, friction, kneading, compression, stretching and traction.

My preferred way of working is by using my hands, forearms, and elbows- with the addition of the
ability to use heat or ice to target specific areas of tension.

Therapeutic massage Therapist in Jax
Male Massage Therapist in Jacksonville, FL

A little History about Stephen

As a teenager, I had a terrible time in school for being picked on because of the way I looked.

I was overweight, had scoliosis, pre-diabetic by age 16, and had very high anxiety and depression from childhood traumas.

I have found by accident, that if you apply pressure points to a certain body part, like the stomach for example, while lying on your back and breathing deeply, you could essentially open up the channel that will potentially release all of the nasty toxins we build up on a daily basis. You could even correct scoliosis if used with a foam roller, in which I did in about 10 months.

You release these toxins in the form of sweating and when going to the bathroom.

Now in my head, I figured that if mostly everybody is going through the same thing when it comes to aches and pains, it may be due to poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, as well as poor posture. It’s because I ate junk food.

At this time, I believe I have found out what I needed to help myself. I went from fat to fit just by learning self massage, stretching the proper way, eating cleaner,drinking more water, and how to breathe deeper with purpose. I wanted to learn how to do it, so I could then teach others how to improve their quality of life as well.

You have to be the product of what you are trying to preach. Lead by example.

This may be contrary to popular belief, but I think that with a whole food plant based diet, lots of water, stretching, and a little exercise, most of the so-called problems that we are facing today would disappear or dramatically improve.

I think we need to stop focusing on the problem, but instead focus more on the solution by loving where you are in your life right now.

You can’t just claim that you have the secret to longevity if you, yourself aren’t doing that well. You wouldnt go to an obese personal trainer, Now would you? Lol

We are primarily in pain due to too much inflammation in the diet and negative thinking patterns. The diet, mental well being, and water intake are especially crucial if you would like to live, because obviously you are about 80% water, you are what you eat and that you create your life by your thoughts and emotions. Emotion is energy in motion.

I think we need to stop focusing on the problem, but instead focus more on the solution by loving where you are in your life right now.

Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food.

All is well. You did not come here to fix a broken world. The world is not broken.

I think it’s time that we learned how to let go and be free by going into the forest, eating food from nature and embrace its natural beauty.. Remember that life is just a journey.