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Some of the reported benefits of sports massage include Increased joint range of motion (ROM), Increased flexibility & Increased sense of well-being.

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I have found by accident, that if you apply pressure points to a certain body part, like the stomach for example, while lying on your back and breathing deeply, you could essentially open up the channel that will potentially release all of the nasty toxins we build up on a daily basis.

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Erasaqi Massage is revolutionizing the health and wellness industry in Florida. By scheduling a massage in Jacksonville or St. Augustine, you can improve your general health, productivity, and may even save you money on medical bills.

Services I Offer

As an experienced massage therapist, I can identify where you carry your stress and help you relax. After just 15 minutes, you'll feel refreshed and ready to continue with your day! The good news is that I offer more than just 15 minutes, to make you feel more at ease.

Why even in the process of thinking and not using our body, it is a matter of common knowledge that grave mistakes may often be traced to bad health. And because the body is in a bad condition loss of memory, depression and discontent often attack the mind so violently as to drive out whatever knowledge it contains


What is Massage Therapy(Jacksonville, FL)

Massage can be an effective method for enabling you to take control of your fitness and well-being. A massage is an excellent way to unwind, soothe yourself, and relax. The benefits of massage therapy (Jacksonville, FL) are not only physical but also have many healthy psychological effects on our bodies.

Aside from the advantages for medical illnesses or ailments, certain people love massage for the sensations of care, relaxation, and refreshment it provides.

Nutrtion helped me in many ways by allowing my body to fully heal itself. Those photos were taken between 2018 and 2019. And no, I didn’t change the photo color. It’s the raw ‘photo of me, just with different lighting. 

Learning how to stretch was also crucial. Everyone usually knows basic stretches, but I wanted to add a little bit of pressure point therapy  and a foam roller to the mix.

I learned how to do it, so now I would like to teach you.

Benefits of Massage Therapy (Jacksonville, FL)

Reduces physical stress:

Are you often feel tired from working hard the whole day? If your body remains stressed due to sitting on a chair the whole day. A full body massage will release your physical stress and tiredness. Massage therapy relaxes your muscles and increases blood circulation in tissues, and you feel fresh, active, and cheerful.

We all know the damaging effects of stress on our body, but to our fortune, our body has a built-in mechanism to overcome the effects of physical stress. This system is called the parasympathetic system, which reduces stress, calms our nerves, and our body feels relax. Different studies find out that a 10 minutes short session of massage therapy is enough to activate our parasympathetic system.


Decrease anxiety and depression:

We all experience stress and depression at some point in our lives. It is nearly impossible to eliminate all the anxiety and stress that we experience daily. According to various studies, nearly 90% of all illnesses are caused due to our depression and stress. So, it is ideal to reduce all physical and emotional stress and depression to improve our health and well-being.

A full body massage will not only physically relax your body but also relaxes your nervous system. When our nervous system relaxes, it decreases the production of cortisol, the stress hormone, and enhances the endorphins productions, which are also known as feel-good hormones. All your anxiety and depression will be gone after a single session of (Jacksonville, FL) massage therapy.


Improves digestion:

When we are stressed or tensed, our body starts producing more cortisol, which is the stress hormone. Higher levels of cortisol on our body lead to sleeplessness, headaches, and also cause digestive system disorders. Massage therapy (Jacksonville, FL) has been shown to decrease the cortisol levels in our bodies. Thus, improving the functions of the digestive system. Now, whenever you faced any digestion problem, try having massage therapy, and you would be amazed to see the final results.

Boosts up immunity:

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine stated in 2010 that massage therapy boosts up the immune system by increasing the number of lymphocytes (one of the types of white blood cells). Lymphocytes play a major role in defending our body against different diseases. A 45 minutes session of massage therapy (Jacksonville, FL) can increase lymphocytes significantly. Thus, help your natural immunity to fight viruses and bacteria. Additionally, it also improves the immunity of individuals with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), with cause Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome commonly known as AIDS.

“Drink Much More Water Than You Are Accustomed To Drinking, And Let It Be 90% Of The Liquids You Consume… When You Drink A Lot Of Water – Every Function Of Your Body Works More Efficiently.”

~Abraham (Esther) Hicks

How I Can
Help You

Therapeutic Massage
Massage is beneficial

Massage Therapy
in home/hotel

60/90/120 minutes
Starting at $90.00*

*The price is for service only. $30 will be added for each half-hour increment above 60 minutes. $20 will be added within 20-mile radius of 32241. $10 will be added for each additional 15 miles.


Yeah You!

You are clearly here for a reason.

Each and every body has unique needs.

You have those specific needs which brought you to the site, 

In my 11 years of therapeutic experience i have adopted various techniques, all of which are designed to help improve your health and become a superior version of yourself.

Whether you are looking for a sports massage or just wanting to relax, look no further.

I’m here to help. 🙂

Businesses across the country are turning to corporate massage to help their companies. Although thought of as a luxury, a chair massage in Florida is a quick, easy way to relieve workplace tension. And, it can help your employees to enjoy a healthier, happier, more productive day.

To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment. please contact Mobile Corporate Massage today. I am happy to bring corporate chair massage in Florida to your workplace!

Corporate Chair Massage

1/2/3 hours
$100 per hour*

*The price is for service only. Service is at least 15 minutes per person. $20 will be added within 20-mile radius of 32241. $10 will be added for each additional 15 miles.

Why you should get Massage Therapy (Jacksonville, FL)

When you have had good days or even weeks, take some time to feel good about yourself with a stress-relieving massage. Next time when you need some rest and recreation, schedule an appointment with Erasaqi.

We are open four days a week. We are available in the evenings Monday through Thursday. It is possible to schedule an appointment at the last minute using our online scheduling app.

Address: 8859 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32217, United States
Phone: +1 904–657–4325


What my clients say about me.

"I play a lot of tennis and work out. So lots of muscle tightness and trigger points (knots). I keep him busy LOL. Stephen has an uncanny ability to know how to get rid of them right away. It's not your typical massage, but super effective: very much a sports massage. Of course he can do traditional massage too. Stephen can always tell if I'm having hip/shoulder pain etc. by the way I walk in. An hour later, voila, I'm feeling much better. Very intuitive sports massage therapist. Most highly recommended!"
Sheryl P.
"I hunted this man down when he changed locations. If you are looking for a rub down go somewhere else. If you are looking for the best massage with a talented therapist who can find every knot and fix it, come see the best, Stephen! I have a very labor intensive job and at the end of the week all of the muscles in my back are angry. Stephen knows how to fix everything and make me feel normal again. He takes away the pain. Stephen truly is the best!!!"
April F.

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